Opening worlds

Children are curious creatures, who are constantly learning about the world. As they listen, play and explore, their minds are continuously figuring out how the world works and what is relevant. By exposing ones own kids to different experiences, explaining things through science, and through other means, it is possible to open up worlds like math, science, engineering, computers, and languages to very young children.

Traditionally this has often been seen as the job of the school system. However, by the time kids are old enough to go to school, much of their mindset, view of the world, and how they look at the world is already fairly set. Schools also tend to focus more on the how instead of the why, which infinitely more important to fostering intrinsic motivation. On top of this, no school can offer the personalisedĀ approach a parent can. On this page I will collect those blog posts I write and sources I come across about this topic as I research it, experiment and play with my daughter.

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