Welcome to ISBEL, where the guiding notion is that you can learn anything you really want to learn and where you can find ideas, inspiration and guidance to succeed in just that.

Learning is quickly becoming a main skill all of us need to master. As the society and workplace changes around us and is changed by us, we all need to learn, adapt, learn again, and unlearn somethings already learned. This change is due to many factors such as globalisation, automatisation, changing climate, and the increasing amount of information, and also learning material, available online. These changes have created an environment where all of us, who are online, have access to a vast amount of knowledge. With a few clicks we can have free and readily available learning material where ever we are and whenever we have some time to learn something new.

ISBEL is, or will be, a roadmap into that world of continuous learning, unlearning and relearning. It’s aim is to help each of us find the learning and teaching techniques, applications, ideas and research results we need to understand and master this new world of learning. We all need to learn better.

This site will focus on techniques, ideas, paradigms, and applications, which are free to use and that anyone can use if they so choose. The reason behind this is simple. As soon as there is a price on learning or teaching, it excludes those who are unable to spend that money on learning. However, I do not totally exclude those which do cost something, because teachers and application developers also need to pay rent. So if it works, I’d like to include it here.

The posts and pages created here are the result of my own deep dive into learning I started in the Autumn 2016 by finding opportunities to teach, by reading everything I came and continue to come across, and by interviewing experts, teachers, learners, game changers, and e-tech developers.

I am very glad you have found your way here and I hope you will join me in my quest for better learning and teaching. I also hope you enjoy my writings and get in contact with me if you have any issues, questions or queries. Also if you have ideas, e-tech solutions etc. you’d like to propose or if you’d like to be interviewed, please let me know.

Welcome to ISBEL.